Send In A Sub: Life In The Blackboard Jungle

I love reading the experiences of teachers in classrooms. It’s like hearing from the soldiers in the middle of war zones.

Talking Union

“We substitute teachers like to think of ourselves as the marines of the public education system. Whenever a breach opens in our nation’s educational front lines, off we go: The few, the brave, the stupid.” –From Tom Gallagher’s SUB

by Steve Early

SUBThirty years ago, there was no better progressive state legislator in Massachusetts than Tom Gallagher, who migrated to Beacon Hill after graduating from Boston College and working as a part-time public school teacher.

In 1980, Gallagher won a Democratic primary in the Allston-Brighton section of the city in September. Thanks to Boston being a one party town, there wasn’t even a token Republican on the ballot in November. As Gallagher recalls in his new memoir, SUB: My Years Underground in America’s Schools (Coast to Coast Publishing, 2014) , his personal profile at the time was:

“reasonably normal for a substitute teacher—I was a guy in his twenties sort…

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summer spent sweeping dust
from stress-filled months
clearing a cluttered mind too
filled with fears and fake fantasies to find
hope arises, shoulders lifted, eyes joy-filled
just in time
’til darkness, cold and dust arise and
then again
I pine

A Baby Blogger ( a novice)

Blogging isn’t as easy as it may seem unless you’re blogging about the daily life of your pet or your new baby.

Musing can take an author all over the place. I’m that type of person though. I have been through quite a bit, have had several types of jobs, have children, an ex husband, and of course teaching gives me plenty to say every day about being in the classroom. I could have just blogged about that, but then I wouldn’t have been satisfied. I’m also interested in politics, social justice, economics and racial equality. An alternative would be to have a blog for each of my interests if I was good at multi-tasking. I’m not. So, I’m learning.

Thanks for your patience as I learn blogging. And I am always open to being critiqued. No really. I am.


I hated taking naps as a child, but I really appreciate them now. And I take them as often as possible, but work always gets in the way of my 1pm nap. I try to make up for that one  on the weekends.
Grown-ups !!!!! Take a nap!

According to the Mayo Clinic these are the benefits of napping:

“Napping offers various benefits for healthy adults, including:

Reduced fatigue
Increased alertness
Improved mood
Improved performance, including quicker reaction time, better memory, less confusion, and fewer accidents and mistakes”